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Merlin Organics applies 100% organic, biology-based land stewardship systems to restore and maintain large-scale landscapes. » Learn About Our Services

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Applying smart biology to transform large-scale landscapes

Merlin Organics works with public and private entities to convert them from “conventional” land care methods that use synthetic inputs to sustainable, 100% organic methods that use smart biology to restore and maintain soil and plant health.

We develop and implement custom land stewardship programs — including our Living Landscape System™ — that eliminate the use of chemical treatments, while building and nourishing healthy soil and plant life above and below ground.

There are five key benefits of every Merlin Organics program:

  • Elimination of nitrogen leaching and runoff into groundwater
  • Improved soil and plant health and increased disease resistance
  • Reduction in fossil fuel consumption
  • Increased carbon sequestering in biomass
  • Overall reduction of land maintenance costs

In addition to the stewardship programs we create for clients, Merlin Organics engages actively in to develop and support the company’s field work.

Stewardship Programs for Clients

Living Landscape System™ Design & Implementation

Living Landscape System™ is Merlin Organics’ four-phased approach to creating customized, 100% organic and sustainable land care programs. These programs often include development and training of a client’s in-house staff, which enables clients to manage the program themselves while Merlin Organics provides ongoing monitoring and measurement to help ensure achievement of program goals and overall success.

Closed-Loop Organic Land Care Programs

Clients often ask us to help design and develop closed-loop programs that involve reusing a site’s own organic waste to build its biology and reduce landfill disposal. We help clients implement on-site composting programs to produce and apply organic soil amendments that build and sustain soil and plant health.

Organic Land Care Analysis & Optimization

Sites already managed under organic programs have their own challenges. Our team helps clients analyze existing conditions to identify and implement improvements and solve problems.

Custom Organic Treatment Programs

Merlin Organics provides organic treatment programs to clients in large-scale park, school, commercial, agricultural, and residential settings. Services include design of treatment programs, production and delivery of tailored granular and liquid biological solutions, and on-site solution application.