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“A healthy agriculture can take place only within nature, and in co-operation with its processes, not in spite of it and not by ‘conquering’ it.”

Sir Albert Howard

Merlin applies smart biology to create landscapes that are healthy, safe, and sustainable

The Science: Why Healthy Soil Matters

Conventional methods of fertilizing plants and managing pests and disease involve the use of potent chemicals that destroy the natural biology in otherwise healthy soil. These chemicals, which are generally salts-based, send the microorganisms that live in the soil into osmotic shock and destabilize existing populations of bacteria, protozoa, fungi, and nematodes. Almost instantly, the plants that live in the soil become chemically dependent. The effect is similar to a human consuming an energy drink — the drink produces a short-term boost, but in order to maintain or regain that energy level, the person must drink more.

root branchOrganic methods for fertilizing plants and treating pathogens and pests work in consort with the living system, creating an enhanced and supportive environment for all microbes in the environment that cycle nutrients for uptake by plants.

In healthy soil, nitrogen-fixing bacteria are fed by sugar exudates that are produced and secreted from the plant’s roots. Protozoa and nematodes then eat these bacteria and release the nitrogen and other nutrients in a form that is easy for plant roots to take up — much easier than the form these elements take in chemical fertilizers.

How Biological Soil Amendment Works:
Deploying and feeding beneficial microbes to restore life

Healthy SoilMerlin Organics develops solid and liquid treatment solutions that serve as sources of — and food for — beneficial microbes. We develop and implement programs that include the use of compost, organic fertilizers and soil amendments, and compost tea applied to soil and plants to infuse them with large and diverse populations of beneficial bacteria, protozoa, fungi, and nematodes that are normally present in healthy soil and plants.

Once established in their native environment, the microbes set to work naturally cycling the nutrients needed by plants — in particular, protozoa consume bacteria to generate nitrogen in a molecular state that is ideal for plant consumption. The plants take up these nutrients produced by the microbes, and in turn deposit exudates back into the soil that serve as food for the microbes.

Supported by our treatment programs, this elegant, natural system — with its symbiotic relationship between soil and plants — creates a stable environment in which plants can thrive.

University of Arizona


University of Arizona
aims to be greenest campus in U.S. with a new organic land stewardship program managed by Merlin Organics.

pea seedlings


Tea trials at UA
are showing us new ways to fight disease that devastates peas, soybeans and other important crops.