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Merlin Organics applies 100% organic, biology-based land stewardship systems to restore and maintain large-scale landscapes.
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“Any level of biological organization that we examine, from DNA up to the most complex body systems, shows the capacity for self-diagnosis, for removal of damaged structure, for regeneration of new structure.”

Andrew Weil, MD


A sampling of our field projects for clients

St. John’s School

This private K-12 school in River Oaks, Houston engaged Merlin to design a new, 100% organically managed lawn as part of a larger construction project.

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University of Arizona Stewardship Program

In a desert climate that rarely sees an inch of rain in a given month, Merlin is working with one of the country’s leading research universities to improve soil health and reduce water usage.

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Private Houston Gardens Organic Stewardship Program

Surprising results of this project prompted the client to expand our closed-loop, organic program to the entire property.

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Custom Organic Treatment Program: Tucson Residence

For years, our client’s property, which is adjacent to a private golf course, has been managed conventionally. Now, Merlin Organics provides monthly treatments to restore the soil biology and improve tree and plant health and resilience.